Sunday, June 7, 2009

First beach day of the summer...

... and probably last.
We're just not big beach people.
But we might have to change that.
Ark Boy announced on the way to the car that he doesn't go the playground, he goes to the beach.
Uh oh.
We're in trouble.

It was actually a ton of fun.
We went for a photo shoot with friends (you can see more here) and decided to make an afternoon/evening of it complete with a sandy picnic dinner.
Makes me tempted to do this again.
Oh- and while there our friend took a few family pictures of us (an accomplishment considering Ark Boy turned into a wild and crazy child that could comprehend nothing but the call of the water!).
I'm thinking of having one of them printed but can't decide between two of them....
They're similar... you'll see. I'll post them both tomorrow... or maybe Tuesday and you can vote for the image to print.

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Femefatal7 said...

omg Noah looks so grown up!!!