Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Homeschooling Website


The local homeschoolers are really really hard to find.
It's not just me.
I've recently realized (as more and more new people become actively involved) that it's a common story.
People find us the old fashioned way (my story is typical: we had a sheep that we needed to dispose of (he came with the house) for various safety reasons. My mom asked around at work, someone suggested I call Cornell Extension to talk to their 4h person, she suggested I call a woman who runs a large 4h group, this woman happens to homeschool and suggested I check out the local co-op ...). And that's just crazy. People finding us by word of mouth instead of google. I didn't even know that was possible anymore!

So something had to be done. After conferring with Ren Man and realizing we could have a second domain name/website and I got over not having a mommydoit.com, Ren Man got to work on creating a rough outline of a website and I've filled it out as much as possible.

I think the concern has always been that people are obviously concerned about the information falling into the wrong hands. So I've been somewhat vague ... just something to let other new homeschoolers in the area that there is a LARGE ACTIVE homeschooling community in this area.

So here's where YOU come in ... here's the site ....

what's missing as far as additional information? Any other feedback?

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