Thursday, December 20, 2012

On Christmas Lights

When you see a box that says: "13ft of lights!" do not be tempted.
13 feet in terms of human height is impressive.
Or perhaps the distance a snail might travel in 15 minutes.
Or even the height of a Christmas tree.

It is NOT an impressive length for Christmas lights.

This is our first year hanging outdoor lights.
A responsibility I took upon myself.
And I can't get enough.
Ren Man pointed out that we had 10 strands, at least - why do we need more?!?
I was certain that there was no way we could have 10 strands.
There's still so much more to light!
So I counted.
We have 10 strands - if you count the strand that won't light.

Still after Christmas I'm marching myself to the nearest clearance shelf (okay, let's be honest - I'm sending my dad!) and he is NOT allowed to buy 13 foot strips. These do nothing. They are disappointing. They lead to frustration.

But when it's all lit up and it's dark outside (except for said Christmas lights), who even notices the 13 foot strand? Or the side of the house that is missing the strand that won't light?



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