Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dear Del - FOUR years old!!

Dear Del,
Wow. You're officially a Big Girl. At four your remembering to use your words and not scream. At least, that's your goal, you told me about three days before your Big Girl Birthday. While your birthday was probably the biggest happening in your life, the real big event was that we moved (AGAIN!), with plans to stay put forever. To you, it was just old hat. I still think you think we have a moving truck stashed somewhere. For this BIG move we moved states and needed a moving truck. As we were moving with Nina and Poobah we also needed a moving truck for them … and the another moving truck for them a couple of days later. You and Noah loved the ramp and running around in the empty truck. You also each had turns riding in the front, which was quite exciting. As we moved box after box and furniture after furniture into our new house the entryway and nearby office-to-be were quickly quickly filled. There was soon a miniscule maze path through these rooms that you and Noah learned to navigate and have great fun with. It was interesting to discover that as the grownups moved about mildly stressed in a rather frantic effort to find room for everything in the tiniest spots to make room for the home re-decorating that was a priority, you two continued to be children and quickly adapted to the new “normal” playing, laughing, joking, eating, sleeping, running, dancing, etc, etc. Pretty awesome.


So we've moved, it's official. And three weeks after the move you and Noah moved into your new bedroom. It's blue with glow in the dark stars on the ceiling that you can mostly only see at night. After some discussion it was agreed that you would have the loft bed now. It's so crazy seeing you sleep in the loft bed. In some ways I still see you as a baby so seeing you climb up that ladder with no fear, breaks my heart a little. No surprise really when you were an amusement park ride champ last fall. And a couple of times when I've come back in the room to turn your light off after you've fallen asleep, I forget it's you up there and think it's Noah, until I remember. And that's funny because I don't think you look THAT much alike. But then, I guess you do. At least when you're sleeping.


In other crazy news, you accidentally ripped out a large strip of your hair off the top of your head. It was very scary but in the end more traumatizing for everyone else, than for you, I think. We had an electric scrubby brush thing we were using in an attempt to convince wallpaper paste to separate itself from our dining room walls. So this tool was hanging around and you and Noah were playing with it. Turning it on, feeling how fast the brushes swirled, that kind of thing. As Nina and Mommy were organizing the display cabinet we hear you say: “ow, stop, STOP, OW” and I stood up and it felt like it took forever for me to find the off switch. In the meantime a strip of hair had been pulled out. You cried, of course, and we put an ice pack on your head (with the four ice cubes the then-not-producing icemaker had managed to make in 24 hours). Within five minutes, after some snuggles with Daddy, you were ditching that ice pack and you were off and playing again. Nearby your mother was pulling her jaw up off the ground, wiping tears from her eyes, and trying to stop the shaking.


These days we're putting a hairclip in your hair after doing a generous comb over and insisting that it needs to be covered when we're out and about so you don't get sunburned.


The other interesting addition to our life that has required bravery is Marvin. He's a sheep we inherited, naively, from the previous owners. He seemed friendly enough when we came to look at the house a couple of times. He mostly hangs out around the barn unless we're out and about and then he follows us like a big Great Pyranese. It's adorable, really. Oh, except for one tiny detail. He likes to headbutt you. Chase you around, stomp is hoof, and headbutt. He's trying to figure out where he is in the pecking order, the vet told us. Everyone else says he needs to go in the freezer. So that's our plan. Sausage, to be precise. When we get a chance.


In the meantime we're unpacking toys you haven't seen for months, exploring our new library (and piles of books – there's no limit to how many books you can borrow!), bouncing on our trampoline, collecting eggs, bringing hay to the cows, busy, busy. And through it all you narrate the comings and goings, your thoughts about this and that, etc etc.



Love you Big Girl,

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