Monday, October 8, 2012

Dear Noah 6yrs 5mos

Dear Noah,
Massages every night.
No kisses.
Legos, legos, legos.
Hesitant about most new things.
Enthusiastic about math related topics ... because I love Life of Fred.
Miss my sister like crazy when she's gone ... unless I'm out and about doing errands and enjoying bagels at a local baker.
Read to me. Read to me more. And a little bit more? One more chapter, PLEEEEASE!
I'm really good at soccer, don't you think I'm good?
Playing with my sister, building structures with large blocks.
Visiting friends and having friends come over.
Meeting new friends at the playground.
Camping with other families and daring myself to push past my fear and follow older boys further and further from the beach and into the cold water - when I realize it's no deeper than my shins to the next island.

This is you in a nutshell these days. You're brave. You're nervous. You're confident. You're shy. You're affectionate. You want you're space.


We went camping with five other families in the middle of one week late in September. It was on a beach and it was w-i-n-d-y. I barely saw you. You were off exploring on the beach mostly. It was so fun to watch all 18 (I think I'm counting everyone!) of you interact with each other. You followed much older boys on their adventures, went kayaking in your own kayak, helped younger kids find their shoes or their parents, cooked marshmallows and made smore's for everyone and more than anyone else could eat (you didn't want to eat one - just make them!).


You're a reluctant reader which makes me sad because I LOVE getting lost in a good book and I want YOU to have that too! Then I remember you're six and patience is not a bad thing. I don't want to push you too hard because I'm afraid that will push you away from reading and not towards it. But I worry. But I try not to.
Then you surprise me. When we went to Starbucks recently (which we haven't been to since before we left Providence, so I don't know how much you know about Starbucks) I told you where we were and you said: "this isn't Starbucks. It's 'Starbucks Coffee' - see, the sign says 'coffee' too". And then when Del, who desperately WANTS to read is practicing with her easy reader books you are quick to whisper all the words into her ear so she can announce them proudly and be excited to have "read" a whole book -before quickly confessing that you told her everything.


Your generally kind with your sister but you're figuring out how to press her buttons. Thankfully this doesn't happen too too often because it's usually a day long play-fest every day around here. You play ninjas, dwarves, and legos. You're both figuring out how that you are an important contributing member of the family. When someone asks for help you're as likely to say: "no thanks" as you are to help. You've started clearing your plate from the table and putting it in the dishwasher. You help move wood to the wood stove. You take showers by yourself (as in: the water is running ... oh, Noah is in the shower). Growing up a little bit more


You love having painted toenails and shun anything pink - just because it's pink. You are not okay with fairies. You've started drawing more and love bringing out past drawings to show to favorite friends who come to visit. We've started participating in 4h ... that means that I stand outside with our 4h friends and answer questions about our farm while you spend most of your time inside playing with whatever friend is just as interested in 4h as you are. I asked if you really want to do 4h and you say "yes" - but I think you might think 4h is the day when a whole slew of kids come to hang out at the farm for your choosing. We'll see how things go when we move from our farm to an indoor (and warmer) location!


We have had so much fun watching you play soccer this season. It was your first experience with organized sports and I just wanted you to have fun. You can't wait for next year - so I think that means it was a success! You looked forward to game days and often became alarmed when I told you it was a soccer game and you thought we'd missed a game (games being in the morning and practices in the afternoon).


I'm so glad we get to spend so much time with you. It's so fun to see connections made in every day life, or a task completed more independently, or a hand held as we cross the street.

We love you forever,

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