Thursday, November 15, 2012

A nonblogger


Apparently I don't blog anymore. Not even kid letters this month. Life is busy and I'm enjoying living in the present (mostly!).

We're enjoying Halloween candy, stacking wood, moving animals into the barn for the winter (which requires cleaning out/organizing the barn), working on dairy plans, bringing Farm Girl to preschool 3 times a week, enjoying the busy season of photography, reading lots of library books, spending time with new friends and friends we've known for years ... lots of busy.

Two days ago Chance, our calf was castrated and de-horned ... Libby, his sister, was de-horned. The vet came to do it, and I'm so glad because he used a numbing agent, which doesn't happen without a vet. We had some sleepy calves for about an hour. That same day our Large Black (hopefully pregnant) pigs (there are two of them) got out .... twice.

We're hoping to get a dairy up and running by spring. This is a huge undertaking because of the moving target of inspector rules - so one inspector may think this rule is important, and another that rule - and the rules may be difficult because they overlap and don't always co-exist sensibly. This is to say nothing of organizing the space, funding the space and supplies and equipment ... so we're overwhelmed but keep plugging away.

On the fostering front ... no news. About once a month we get a letter saying more information is needed. I know that placements have been slow this fall .... which I'm glad for. Isn't it better for there to be NO children who need placements? I hear that things get busy over the holidays, which is line with my experience working with mental health clients. It's stressful over the holidays! Hopefully placements stay slow ... but if not, we're ready!

I really really hesitate (as I've said before) to make this a: "today we did this, then we did that" - but if that's what readers want ... tell me! Maybe it would make blogging come more easily ... or maybe not ;)


Lppick said...

I love hearing about your daily activities! I bet lots of other people do too but they may be too busy to tell you lol! I think it is especially interesting for people who don't live on a farm to read about real farm life with its beauty and its grittiness. It is also interesting to read about the new challenges you face and how you meet them.

lovermont said...

Thanks for the encouragement! I'll keep writing ... I'm assuming the winter will allow for more inside time (so more blogging time?). Yesterday we processed all of our turkeys for Thanksgiving pre-orders ... today we did a dozen ducks that we planned to do yesterday but ran out of time.
Tomorrow we hope to move cows into the barn!