Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Dear Del 4.5yrs!

Dear Del,
You started preschool this month and you're loving it. You have a best friend and a second best friend. You're a very different kid this year than you were last year when all you wanted was a teacher to come and read to you in the library corner. Now you're out and about making friends, playing, and loving swimming lessons at preschool.

You asked if we could move closer to school. You want to be able to walk. You want to be able to run on the sidewalks and avoid this cracks.
I asked if you'd move to the city when you grow up.
"No! I'll live with you always until you die because I never want to miss you!" was your response.
I explained that we won't be moving right closer to the school because you'll only be there for the rest of this year and then you'll be homeschooled.
"I want to keep going to my school!" you lamented. "My favorite part is when I'm not with you!"
So you never want to miss me and you want to live together forever and you want to be away from me because that's your favorite part. You're very confused. Or I am. I'm not sure.


You've started covering your mouth and saying: "teehheeeheee" when something is funny. You're also having a lot of fun discovering your own sense of humor and making others laugh. If you get a giggle from someone you'll repeat what you just did or said ... again, and again, and again!


You're still busy with soccer but I'd be surprised if you wanted to play again next year. The practices are an hour long and after about 45mins you're done. You patiently watch and play with other kids while Noah has his games, but at 4 I don't think you're ready to devote so much energy to a ball. You're in good company, I think. A week or so ago you and three other girls were sitting in a circle down by one of the goals picking at the grass and talking while all the ball action was at the other end of the field. Your coach noticed after some time and came and rustled you all into the game.


I was nervous, a bit, about your relationship with Noah once you started going away for three half days a week. Noah was a mess when you were gone because he missed you like crazy and if Noah didn't pick you up from school you wanted to rush home to see him! But you both have figured out the separation, somewhat - it helps to keep you both distracted when the other one is missing! When you ARE together, you've become even BETTER playmates - which I didn't think was possible. You're rushing through meals to get to the playing together again (which daddy, the food lover, doesn't understand). If someone offers you a treat, you run to share it with Noah. I love that you two are so close. I'm nervous about adding any more kids to this awesome dynamic the two of you have! But you're both excited about more brothers and sisters. And every family works out perfectly, no matter how the age gaps, genders, or other factors - and ours is now and will be in the future too, no matter the transformations.


Love you forever,

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