Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dear Del 4yrs 5mos pic 1

Dear Del,
You make us laugh everyday with your words. The other morning you said: "I have a tear in my eye and I'm not even sad!" in a quite surprised voice. I explained that sometimes that happens when you first wake up. "That's my first time! Ever!" you responded. Then climbed up into our bed for a snuggle - with mommy ONLY, daddy don't touch! About 5 seconds into this warm morning snuggle you whispered: "Daddy ... breakfast".
"Already?!" he asked. You usually want breakfast immediately and then you have second breakfast when Noah has his. But you had just settled down into a snuggle.
"I'm just joking!" you said with a big giggle.
I think mornings are your best time. But you also insist that you don't sleep ever - not even at night - you never close your eyes. Ever.


You asked Grammy to bring "Sarah Baby" over from her house. Apparently you'd been missing her. And now we've been bringing Sarah Baby around. You've always been into baby dolls but there are the hot toy of the moment. That and blocks and cars - you and Noah made a complicated roadway with the blocks for the cars. It's surrounded by lava with lava monsters, you told me.


We made a last minute decision to sign you up for preschool again this year. So preschool starts the middle of September. You're still talking about preschool from last year and it feels like this is your last opportunity before full day school would start, something we're not ready for. We don't want to share you with someone else for days on end and we're excited to see your learning and growing first hand every day. But I'm also a teensy bit worried. There has been more than once this month where I tell you a fact (2 plus 2 equals 4, for example) and you respond with: "Noooo, mooooommmm - that's not fair!". Hmmm. So I'm nervous.


Fairness has become a very important topic for you these days. Everything is "not fair" if it's anything you disagree with. We try to explain how "fairness" actually works but you answer with your confident: "mooommmm, nooooo! That's not fair!" It's a fun cycle. You like to pull the fairness card whenever possible - ie whenever you're upset even if the change of events is VERY fair - even more in your favor than anyone else's.


Soccer started this month and it's so much fun. You were much more reserved during your first practice than I anticipated. We figured out that you had much more fun after I gave you space - even though at the time you insisted I stay When I found you after practice was over and asked if it was fun you said: "it was a hundred times fun! No! A million times fun!" Yay! Success on the soccer front!


We also had another fun week with our friends Kate, Emmie, Chase, and Sawyer this month. I'm so glad they managed to squeeze two trips in this summer! We're already counting the days until we go visit them in October. You ask every day when we're going and whenever something happens you say you're going to tell Emmie and Chase .... whatever big or small event that feels worthy of sharing - basically everything. While our friends were here we went to "homeschool camp" for a day out of the week that homeschool camp is. We can't wait for next year to go the whole week! You went horseback riding and speedboating for the first time ever. There was a whole lot of time to play with other kids, go swimming, boating, s'more making, archery ... lots of fun packed into one long day.


Your funny mispronunciations are pretty awesome to hear also. I don't even hear them usually - but when I focus on what I'm actually hearing it's super cute. "Dad, 'elp me 'queeze it" ... "nanks" (instead of "thanks").


You and Noah are getting in each other's hair more but you're also still two peas in a pod and it's super cute. You're sympathetic to Noah's sad moments and are quick to try to figure out how you can make him feel better. He's not always receptive - but it goes the other way too. You love building forts together, snuggling up to look at books together, and run around the yard together. You idolize him immensely which is adorable but I think he takes it for granted.


You love spending time with extended family and I'm so glad everyone is nearby or at least just a phone call away. You call our spare bedroom "Tante A's room" because she told you it was her room. You call Grammy regularly and will ask to talk to Grampy if we tell you Grammy is at work. You are excited when Nina comes home from work and you're thrilled when Uncle Josh or Ugug come to visit. It's so awesome to see you surrounded by family and watch you thriving. You have no problem being the center of attention and we've had several rounds of a game you learned at preschool last year that we call "doggie, doggie". I don't know why you love it so much and I don't know why it ends up with grownups in hysterics but I do know that you often request a round when we have company and we try our best to make it happen. Your only disappointment is when the grownups say they are done because their bellies hurt from laughing, the cheeks are wet with tears, and some may even need to do a bathroom run after all of that laughing!


I love you bugaboo,

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