Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dear Noah 6yrs 4mos

Dear Noah,
You are amazed that summer has gone by "so quick". We've been laughing at your wonder because when I pointed out reddening leaves and explained the impending summer's end about a month ago you lamented that summer was lasting so long and you couldn't WAIT for it to be over. Funny kid.


We're taking advantage of our freedom in life and that means living within loose routines. You often sleep later than anyone else and prefer further "resting time" once you've woken up. On the other end of the day this means you have a hard time falling asleep before 9:30pm - even if you do get into bed at least an hour before. Sometimes you help with chores in the morning or the afternoon. You're still mostly excited about chores when friends come over. You love going to the nearby sandpit to climb, collect frogs, enjoy outdoor fires.


There's also plenty of reading time. It's probably what we do the most. I read to you, you sometimes read to me, and you spend a large portion of your day looking through various books - Tintin, Calvin and Hobbes, Dinotopia, various library books ... We love love love books around here.
The library is a begged for adventure regularly. Our library has no limit on the number of books you can take out. This leads to a very full canvas bag and usually an armload besides.


You started soccer this month and your enthusiasm in awesome. After your first practice you detailed how you were a really great soccer player. I'm glad you have so much confidence. We talked about how even really good players have skills they can work on. One thing would be to perhaps keep your eye on the ball. During your second game you were distracted by a cascade of leaves falling from the sky. I was proud that such an awesome magical moment would distract you - but enthusiastically called out to you when the ball came towards your defensive position.


It's so fun to see you around your same-age peers. In general I'm frustrated by the idea that you "need" same-age-peers. Life isn't full of people who are divided by age group. In real life you hang out with friends who are 10 years older and 10 years younger and more! So in some situations you seem so young and in others you seem so old. With a group of 6-8 year olds on your soccer team you seem very average. It's neat to witness. You love all the successes that you enjoy with your team (including impromptu rolls on the field post-goal) - and seeing the similarities and differences between you and your peers. You're a lot more like other 6 year olds than I knew!


You really really enjoy spending time with your uncles. It's especially fun when they wrestle with you, build forts, play hide-and-seek, practice soccer, have races, watch you ride your bike ... and your sister is always right there saying: "me too!" And when she's gone you miss her like crazy. I know the two of you are close but don't realize how close until you're separated. She really didn't want to start soccer practice without you and you didn't want to play on a different team than her. I'm sad to separate you! I love that the two of you are so close.


I can't believe we've been your parents for over 6 years. You amaze us every day. I think we expect a lot of you and we are rarely disappointed. You use your words, you're aware of your needs and wants and can articulate them, your confident in meeting your own needs (like pointing to me to answer for you when you aren't comfortable in a new social situation), and you're confident in yourself in general. Some of it is over-confidence, for sure, which I'm learning might be typical of your age - but a lot of it is just: "this is who I am" kind of confidence - even the shyness.


Love you forever,

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