Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kid Speak

*negotiating the splitting of the last hamburger*
Grampy: Well, what do you think we should do to decide?
Ark Boy: fight

I didn't mean to kick you there. I meant to kick you in the face.
-Farm Girl, said to Ark Boy quite regretfully

I'm going to help you with all my might
-Farm Girl

Farm Girl: I want dwert
Grammy: What are you saying?
Farm Girl: dwert
Grammy: door?
Farm Girl: No, dwert.
Nina: door?
Farm Girl: No – I said ice cream.
Grammy: you didn't say ice cream
Farm Girl: No, I said dwert
Grammy: OH! Dessert!

We're not normal children.
-Ark Boy

Grampy: Pie in the eye
Ark Boy: Pie in YOUR eye (pokes Grampy in opened eye)

*crying* "... wait. Why was I crying again? ... WHY?!?! TELL ME!!"
-Farm Girl

Ark Boy: I've decided I want to have a fun life, so I'm not going to do that.
Momma: Do what?
Ark Boy: Get married.
Momma: Oh.
Ark Boy: Well, if she wants to get married, then I will, but if not, then no.
Momma: Who?
Ark Boy: Emmie.
Momma: If Emmie marries anyone you'll marry someone? Or only if Emmie wants to marry you, then you'll get married?
Ark Boy: If she wants to marry me, then I'll get married. But if she doesn't, I won't.
Momma: Oh. Well, you have lots of time to decide. You might decide to marry Emmie or marry someone else or not get married at all.
Ark Boy: I think I won't do it, get married.

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