Thursday, May 10, 2012

Internet Woes

The good news: We have internet at home (and blog update hopes but I've kind of gotten used to this lack of internet ...)

The bad news: As patient as we were about waiting out for another internet option that was always just moments away ... we're getting mixed messages about internet options so in the end bit the bullet and signed with satellite despite concerns over speed, cost, and inclement weather affecting our signal.

So hi, I'll try to catch you up to speed on all we've been up to, what we're working on now, and what we're hoping to accomplish very soon.


Lppick said...

Can't wait to see pictures! We have satelite and really have not had any trouble due to weather (and we are in the boondocks). I give you so much credit for all that painting you did. I tried to paint a built in book case and managed to spill a can of paint on my braided rug! I was not a happy camper!

Kate Duval said...


lovermont said...

oh no! That is SOOO frustrating. I'm thankful for hardwood floors, that's for sure.