Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dear Noah 6 years!

Dear Noah,
Will this happen every year? That I'm shocked by your ever larger age. It's hard to remember that you're really actually 6 whenever we meet someone new. You've been 5 for so long and I was really used to that. But 6 is so grown up, it's be stuff. You're in the second half of your first decade!


You've made a big decision this month: “I've decided I'm going to have fun with my life, I'm not going to do that,” you announced recently. “that” turned out to be getting married – unless one certain girl wants to get married then you'll marry her but otherwise you're not going to.


You enthusiastically volunteered to help milk Shadow this month and were proud to realize you were a better milker than Poobah. You tell everyone who will listen. Poobah looks appropriately ashamed.


Over the winter at our home school co-op in Vermont an older boy started telling you about Star Wars. So it started. I feel like Star Wars is a big deal, a rite of passage sort of big deal. We thought we'd watch them over Christmas, assuming Nina and Poobah had all of the movies on dvd. They do not. Or they don't think they do. They aren't positve. DVD's were packed at Christmas and still are.
When we signed up for our library cards after our recent move you saw Star Wars Episode One on display and knew (innately?!?) what it was. We explained that we wanted to start with episode four, and that's what we did.


You are in awe. When we watched the first movie you insisted on sitting on a stool 2 inches from the television screen and you barely breathed. In the end we heard: “pshaw, shoo, shoo, pshaw” as you made shooting noises during the last space battle. You then had a difficult time sleeping that night.


After the first few episodes we learned that watching the videos during the day helped the nights not be so late as you thought through all you'd seen in the movie. We've now watched episodes four, five, six, and one. You're still in love with Star Wars. It's interesting for Daddy and I because we remember being kind of confused about all that was going on when we were kids watching Star Wars, and you 're asking lots of questions too.



The other big news this month is that you finally moved into your real bedroom. We'd originally had you and Del sleep in the guest room so your room would be empty for painting. It took some convincing. You wanted to stay in the first room you moved into, the guest room. We agreed that I would paint the room (a soft blue with a touch of grey and glow in the dark stars on the ceiling) and if you didn't like it you could stay in the guest room. Much to our relief your uncertainty about the switch didn't last too long after we set up your new bedroom.


You decided with Del who would get what bed – she would get the loft bed, you would get the mattress on the floor after insisting you didn't want a bed frame. After that lengthy decision making you now sleep under the loft bed in a nest of blankets, Del sleeps on the mattress, and no one sleeps on the loft bed. Oh well. Everyone sleeps at night, and that's what counts.
I love you big boy,


Dez said...

He and Rowan will get along great.  Star Wars must be a six year old thing because Rowan and our neighbor are both obsessed, especially with anything Star Wars Lego related.  I swear they understand the whole thing better than I do.  

lovermont said...

oh yes, legos are a big part of it. The Star Wars legos were the entry into Star Wars.