Friday, April 27, 2012

Dear Del 4 years and 1mos

Dear Del,
For the last month you've been regularly watching “Brown House Videos” - video footage from when we lived in Rhode Island. I'm so impressed by your vocabulary and communicative abilities from a young age. I was impressed when we were living it but watching the videos I feel like I can understand you even better than I did back then. Daddy says he's not impressed retrospectively because he got all his “impressed” out when we were living the well-talking-baby-Del. Well, I tear up with pride when I see the videos along with my surprise.


It doesn't end there. We had some new friends over for dinner last week and they wanted to come out with us during milking. When we entered the barn you turned to the nine-year-old (and youngest of the two children in this family) and explained: “That's Hope, she's growing a baby in her belly. Shadow is the other one and she gives us milk.” Apparently your verbal skills are not as impressive to a nine year old because she said: “What's this ones name?”. I think she didn't realize your explanation started as soon as we entered the barn.


We continue to be busy and you're interested in helping. You want to add the flour to the bread dough, vacuum nightly if allowed, make sure the blankets on the bed are even as I roughly make our bed, wipe the table, fold laundry, milk the cow, pick dandelions, collect eggs …


You also spend a lot of time looking at books, playing with your brother, talking on the phone …
I didn't realize how much you mimic Noah until Nina pointed it out. It's quite comical how much you idolize him, but also think nothing of insisting you had the stool first after you've climbed off and Noah has decided to use that spot.
You are such a delight in the morning, even if it does seem unreasonably early. You often arrive in our room rosy cheeked whispering “snuggle?” and you climb your warm body up into the spot I've opened up under the blanket. Then quiet. Sometimes you fall back asleep, usually you don't, even though I definitely do! Sometimes we talk and you smile big grins and you're quick to laugh. You hug and kiss and rub my cheeks. Every minute or so you check the clock. As soon as you notice the first number on the clock says “7” you say: “Daddy! Breakfast?!?” and the two of you make your way downstairs for oatmeal or granola.


A couple of hours later when Noah and I are up and eating our breakfast the delightful morning person
you were has disappeared. We offer you second breakfast – or your demand it when we forget – and our delightful girl returns.
You narrate your whole life, which is entertaining and pretty much non-stop. When you interrupt your own narrative with a side-thought, we smile, as you put it all together. Sometimes you're frustrated because you lose your thought. But you laugh at your own forgetfulness and continue detailing your thoughts.


I love you Sweat Pea,

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