Monday, April 16, 2012

The Farm :: update

I may not have before and after pictures of rooms yet (we keep unpacking more boxes and moving furniture ... I promise promise before and after as soon as possible - but don't hold your breath because it's going to take longer than that :) )


I do, however have farm update stuff. Still on the Farm to-do list is the website, but keep checking back. In the meantime I started the Woven Meadows fb fanpage - so go like that and I'll keep it as updated as possible ... without internet ;)

Here's the quick update: We went to an auction that was more fun than ... well, it was fun, even in the freezing cold.
Our goal was two cows.
We spent two hours going over and over and over all of the options.
We were looking for a healthy Jersey (there were also Jersey-Holstein crosses).
We were looking for friendly.
We were looking for someone who was bred (perhaps dry -ie not being milked) and someone who was still giving milk (perhaps bred).
More details will come on the Woven Meadows Blog at some point.
In the end we came home with Shadow (currently milking, hopefully bred), pictured below, and Hope (dried off and due in late June).
We're hand milking Shadow for now and actively pursuing selling raw milk as well as getting a pump for milking when selling our milk. We have a few more "i"'s to dot and "t"'s to cross and we'll be ready to sell raw milk. Ren Man has started cheeses, we have delicious thick yogurt, etc. Generally Shadow is giving about 3 gallons of milk a day. I hate that she has her "earrings" in still -one is the number from the auction and the other is her name tag from the farm she came from. They don't really like their ears played with so we haven't gotten them off yet.


Our 60+ hens and their boys made the trek to the new farm and are enjoying the pasture yumminess. We have one more Winter Farmers Market date in Burlington and then we must find an outlet for our 2 dozen eggs a day in our new area. So we've been handing out eggs to new friends and acquaintances, plan to hang a sign by the road, and supplementing another farmers egg supply when he's at the Plattsburgh market.


Whew! So much to do. So satisfying. And we definitely sleep well at night :)

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