Monday, March 5, 2012

Dear Noah 5yrs 10mos

Dear Noah,
I love hearing the words you've learned that you use in your everyday language; like "assume" and "presume". Makes me smile. Lately you and Del have been on a rhyming kick which is cool but sometimes confusing to others. When someone says: "Hey, where's you're coat?" you will say: "did you say: 'may, lares, sore foat'?". If the person repeats their question or statement you'll ask a similar "did you say...?" sentence that rhymes with the original question/statement.


I think we might be done with archery. Today you had your last scheduled lesson before our move later this week and you weren't too excited about going. When we got there you had fun but generally your interest lies more in socializing with the instructor than actually shooting. That's okay, he tells me and I tell him, just to remind ourselves that the socializing is part of the experience. You're lately believing that "I'm-the-best-at-everything", archery included. So you get discouraged when your ability doesn't live up to your expectations - but in several areas you are doing so well - archery being one. You have fun spending time with the other people who come to shoot and I think they get a kick out of you and are surprised at your skill.


Speaking of skills you're feeling confident in: you had the chance to swim recently in an indoor pool at the place Nina and Poobah are staying while we wait for the move. Poobah said he was throwing you in at the deep end and you were swimming under water almost all the way to the opposite wall. I don't know how far Poobah was throwing you, but it's clear that you're turning out to be part fish. The first time we brought you, you were under water, swimming, jumping in, etc. When we said it was time to go to a restaurant (which you love!) you really really didn't want to leave the pool. That was a late night that ended with a boy who fell asleep quickly on the way home. Swimming might be my new favorite activity - it definitely wears the two of you out like nothing else.


Nina keeps reassuring me that kids are adaptable, in light of all the changes we've had this year. You've never questioned our transient life in the last 10 months or so but I think this move is harder than the previous moves. You're older than when we moved from RI and now you have experience with what a big move means to you (most importantly it means leaving friends). It's complicated and hard to explain why another move. I think sometimes you're confused but mostly you're excited. I can't wait for us to finally be settled.


There is nothing more fun for you than playing video games at Grammy's. We have purposely not set up a television or game system at our house because I'm not sure I would have the persistence it would take to limit your play. You especially love having "Zelda Dates" with Daddy. You engage in detailed conversations with Auntie Chels (who is also playing the game) about where she is, and if she's seen what you and Daddy have, and if she has advice about getting through a certain part of the game.


You still tend to be introverted and even shy but lately you've been surprising me by striking up conversations with near strangers, if not actual strangers. You recently said to someone randomly at the grocery store: "this is Del". The kind man receiving this information said: "Hi, I'm Ben". You were both trailing behind me and I spun around super fast shocked that you would initiate such an exchange. I wonder if your experience at archery has built your confidence in interacting with adults you've never met before. It's very cool to see, but also a little unnerving because it's so new.


You love "wrestling" with Eden by racing around the house to wind her up and then demanding she be gentle when she tries to catch you ... with her teeth. Sometimes you just want to lay on the floor next to you but she assumes it's all part of the wrestling game. She's learning and you're working with her is incredible to see. She tends to listen well to you ... sometimes too well. Like when I have her leashed and you tell her to come to you ... but she can't because she's leashed to me.


You continue to grow at a crazy fast rate. I can't wait to start measuring you again at our new house - something we haven't done since we left Rhode Island. When you fell asleep in the car after swimming Daddy carried you in (I definitely cannot carry you when you're a sleepy dead weight) and he had a very very hard time lifting you up into your loft bed.
You curled up on my lap tonight and I told you how when you were first born your head rested on my chest and your legs tucked up under your belly and didn't go below my waist. Now you can barely fit on my lap! I asked if you thought you'd still curl up on my lap when you're as big as Grampy. You think so.

I love you, no matter how big you get!

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