Wednesday, March 7, 2012

7 moving tips

This is how I imagine our moving experience:


This is the reality:

Having said that, I have a couple of tips for moving (not that I have that much experience with this or anything like that).

1.) Pack books in small boxes - all that paper is heavy!
2.) Focus on one area at a time when packing (one closet, one bedroom, etc)
3.) Whenever possible leave items in drawers for moving transport. ie no need to unload dresser drawers, move the dresser full. If it's too heavy you can slide the drawers out and move them one at a time.
4.) No matter how much you purge and only bring what you absolutely have to, you'll find yourself wondering why on earth you decided to move this or that when unpacking boxes at your new house.
5.) Move all boxes into as little space as possible at the new house. That way the whole house isn't strewn with boxes. Bring one box at a time to the room it belongs in and unpack it completely before moving on to the next box.
6.) When unpacking, focus on one room at a time. I find that the bedroom is the most important. If at least I can sleep in a place that isn't cluttered with boxes and feels somewhat "settled" I'm a much more settled person.
7.) Old house mess stays at old house. Dust, vacuum, clean whatever it is - ie no dusty shelves or desk or table or etc comes to the new house. We're not moving dirt.

What advice would you add to this list?


Lppick said...

My advice would be keep a sense of humor!!!! I get PTSD from our moving a house of 40 years when I look at your picture of moving boxes!!!  LOL I'm still unpacking things stored in the garage! Good luck tomorrow. Exciting times ahead!!! What is the distance between where you are now and to where you are moving?

lovermont said...

I know, I think it's common for people to have boxes packed for 10 years before getting to them. Not here. No way. In college I would stay up half the night to get settled before crashing. I won't be THAT dedicated now (I get tired quicker than I used to) but I will stay focused.
Sense of humor!??! What's that? We have to stay focused. lol.
We're moving an hour and a half from where we are now. Not as bad as from RI.
I do feel ridiculous telling people the long version of our moving adventures over the last 10mos.

david zinger said...

Right on the money.. I think all movers should be knowledgable of these tips...
mind if i share them on my blog at or perhaps my Bethlehem
Blog? Of course I will source you guys!

David said...

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Quick Removal Services said...

Haha! As the saying goes, stick to reality!  This applies when moving to a new house. And thanks to your tips,  reality is achieved!  Hats off to a good post =)

Expert Removalists said...

Ha-ha! Yup, no one can escape the reality of moving to a new home. So, thank you for these practical and problem-solving tips.