Friday, March 2, 2012

to-do-lists - for you too!

I live by them.
With to-do list in hand I feel more focused and more accomplished.
Our closing for the new house is in less than ONE week.
Transition much?
Have I said it will be our 5th house in less than a year?
Well, this will be our 5th house in less than a year!

Since to-do lists help, I started one for the new house (mostly involving stripping wallpaper, painting, and other big projects)
But in the interest of creating rhythms/routines I think a general cleaning plan/to-do list might be beneficial ... and might actually make the cleaning happen ... because, if it's on the to-do list, ya gotta do it!
In case this is helpful for you, here's mine:


I made mine my desktop wallpaper (not that the desktop is usually visible, but at least I know it's findable).

And I've been planning out meals somewhat regularly on a weekly basis. The trouble is that Ren Man can walk into any kitchen and whip up gourmet. If I don't have a plan ahead of time I flounder, searching cookbooks until the feeling of hunger passes, and feeling overwhelmed I give up. So here's a general guideline (that still requires weekly fill-ins). So here's this (also on my desktop):


What's your favorite house organizing tool?


Lppick said...

All of your readers know you will have many many to do lists with the upcoming move, but don't forget to make time to keep us all updated!!!!

lovermont said...

The closing is Thursday and we plan to move in and start stripping wall paper on Friday. So exciting but also very hectic. Hopefully minimal interruption in blog posts :)

Lppick said...

WOW!!! You don't waste any time!

lovermont said...

 Haha! Nope. Have I mentioned I love to-do lists.
Kids were confusing, because of this. I think they were on a to-do list I didn't realize I had and then they stuck around and are never "done". They're funny like that.
Stripping wall paper and painting, that I'm planning on crossing off this list asap.