Friday, March 9, 2012

Current Favorite Mommy Trick

Kate first introduced me to the "Wobbly Tray". I don't know where the name came from (the tray wobbles?) but it's stuck.
I don't always remember the Wobbly Tray trick but when I do, it's always a hit.
Filling a cupcake tray with various snacks apparently makes snacks far more appetizing.
Try it.
You'll see.


When the kids were younger I left a Wobbly Tray on our coffee table for grazing purposes. Now they like to sit side by side at the table and create a plan of attack (usually this is lead by Ark Boy who coaches Farm Girl on saving the perceived best food item for last).

** For those who have to know, this Wobbly Tray featured (from left to right) raisins, broccoli, raisins, (bottom row) broccoli, dates, raspberries. **

What's your current favorite "Mommy Trick" (because you can never have too many!)?

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