Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Farm Name (again)


After posting the latest farm name blog post Ren Man and I (with a little encouragement from one of us, not pointing fingers) had more (productive, finally) farm name discussion.

We came up with two themes that we felt spoke to what we wanted to convey with a farm name. The first theme was the idea of weaving/woven (weaving relationships between people, food, earth, animals) and a story theme (we're becoming part of the earth's story, the community's story, we're bringing our own stories to this farm, etc).

We talked about Woven Earth Farm, Weaving Roots Farm, Earth Braid Farm, Woven Stories Farm, Meadow Stories Farm, Woven Tales Farm ...

And we settled on Woven Meadows Farm.

I know, I know. None from the original list. But Ren Man likes it (most days) and I like it (most days).
I really really wanted us to choose a name asap so we Ren Man can start working on the website. I keep wanting to email this farmer, or farmers market, etc in our new area but I think it's important to email from our new farm website ... so we've got to get the website up!

Just another thing to add to Ren Man's to-do list. He only has two more chapters to write for his dissertation. Write, write, write!


Femefatal7 said...

...do mom and dad like it?

Lppick said...

I love the name Woven Meadows Farm!
It conveys beautifully your intentions for the farm.

Sarah said...

Femefatal7 - we all came up with the name together

Lppick - Thanks. It was such a process to decide! I still like the more fun names - like play on words - but Ren Man is worried that we won't be taken seriously.