Wednesday, February 8, 2012

On The Enchanted Castle by E. Nesbit

It started with Five Children and It by E. Nesbit.
I think I just picked it up at the library and thought it sounded fun.
When I was gifted a Kindle for Christmas I discovered free kindle classic books for the kids and downloaded several.

I noticed several E. Nesbit books and was thrilled to read more books by this seemingly prolific writer.
We started The Enchanted Castle.
I found the story line very similar to Five Children and It.
Children find source of magic wishing power, make wishes, wishes backfire, children learn not to wish irresponsibly.

So that's disappointing. Ark Boy is begging for us to start The Magic City and I'm resisting. The language is very high level (so I find my tongue getting twisted on itself and that I'm interrupted with "so what's going on?") and two stories with very similar story lines makes me not so hopeful for another E.Nesbit novel.

We have also read some of the short stories in The Book of Dragons by E.Nesbit with minimal to no magic involved (unless you count the dragons - at least they aren't offering to grant wishes).

Right now I've distracted Ark Boy with The Swiss Family Robinson.

In case your curious (as I was) E. Nesbit lived at the turn of the last century and wrote several children's books in her lifetime.

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librarian pirate said...

oh, goodness, I love Edith Nesbit! You might want to try the sequel to 5 Children and It - The Phoenix and the Carpet? The kids get a magic carpet that grants wishes. It doesn't feature the Psammead (although as I recall he does come back in The Story of the Amulet?), but it's a lot of fun. The stories are similar - the children get three wishes a day and some are irresponsible but some are fun - but for the most part kids don't mind. Reading similar stories over and over helps their narrative skills so yay for that! It just sometimes gets boring for the adults inovlved. (: