Monday, January 3, 2011

Kid Speak

Farm Girl: One time, one of these days, when I was still a big kid ...

Ark Boy: He hood somewhere! He hood somewhere!
-meaning "hid"

Farm Girl: Look Mommy, there's two funny people with one person
-during a rare watching of Sesame Street

Candy-Can = Candy Cane

Farm Girl: I think it would be funner if I was a duck.

Scene (may be too graphic - feel free to skip this Kid Speak): a mean rooster is slowly blinking its eyes after being butchered:
Ark Boy: I think the most beautiful rooster is ... (whisper) the one that's bright orange and we call it Cornflake
Mommy: Why did you whisper?
Ark Boy: Because I didn't want that one to hear it (indicating the rooster near death)

Ark Boy: You are kind of like my master, right mom?

Farm Girl: It was fun eating sugar

Ark Boy: long cut = opposite of short cut

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