Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dear Noah 4years 8months

Dear Noah,
In the last few days you've turned on the "I love you"s big time. I don't know why. Maybe it's the calm after the hectic holidays that have brought it out. You whisper it to me as you fall asleep or provide details around how you love me: "I love you all day AND all night!"


During the holiday party at your nursery school your teacher mentioned that you've been silly lately - to the point where she's seperated you from another child at times when you're both really silly. She said that she thinks it may be how you can interact with kids - like you're a quiet, non talkative person so this is a way you've found to get the attention of peers. I wasn't sure what she meant precisely until we had our holiday break. What she meant is that you'll make loud silly noises which can be frightening to a child when all they've done is asked if you want to play with them. You were soooo excited about spending a whole afternoon at your cousin's house for a family party ... but then spent a lot of the time playing by yourself. Like I said, you're not such a talker so I don't think you minded the time by yourself - who could complain with piles of new-to-you toys?!?! But you wanted to play with the other boys sometimes (98% of cousins are males) but they didn't know what to do with you after you made your silly loud noises so they walked away. I don't know if it was that or the fact that they don't know you that well because we don't see them that often. And you act like a four year old but are about 6inches shorter than your soon-to-be-nine-year-old cousin.


That will change. The moving-to-Vermont plans are in full swing. You had some doubts this month about our move when you realized we'd be moving away from the city (you love cities) and your friends. But when I remind you of new friends we've already started making in VT and the cousins we'll be able to see more often enthusiasm comes back in full force.


In other news your semester at Learning Brooke has ended. It was definitely harder for me to let it go than you. You were more than ready to be done. I think the mandatory rest time is what turned you off. I loved how gentle the space felt, the structure it gave you, and the new experiences you had (you are VERY excited about geoboards, for example). But it was time to say goodbye. We're going to visit a new city next week and then we'll be away for a couple weeks next month and then soon after that we'll be moving - so there weren't many days we'd be able to go to Learning Brooke anyway. You need reassurance every once in a while that you're still going to go to nursery school - because you wouldn't want that to end!


The holidays were crazy and as much as I minimized the gift aspect of the holidays that was the best part as far as you were concerned. And it was fun to see you open each new gift. Funnier still when the new things were pushed to a corner and you pulled out the toys you always play with. I guess new is exciting but familiar has appeal to it too.

Just so you know, I love you all day AND all night too!

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