Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We're on the move ... again

I have been uncomfortable with our relationship with Ren Man's (mostly extended) family for months. As explained recently ... there are issues with the extended family and their expectations around the future of the farm ... and there are more day-to-day issues with Ren Man's dad's needs/expectations around farming goals. We've continued thinking it will improve over time but understanding that our resentment was growing.

We had plans to move to the double wide (the kids named it Winter Hill House in anticipation for lots of fun sledding to come as the house sits on top of a hill). In discussing updates needed to the house (new roof, new flooring) Ren Man's dad made decisions and when asked if we should be asked he explained that there was no reason to ask - he already knew the right decision.

Ren Man says that's the moment he knew it would be unwise to continue farming with his dad.

So we have looked at options and came back to what we've wanted to do for years ... try the other family ;) The plan is to buy a farm with my parents ... the trick is it needs to be within commutable distance to my mom's work - in Plattsburgh, NY. This doesn't rule out Vermont entirely but does limit options somewhat.

We spent 5 something hours in the car today doing drive-bys. Eleven houses crossed off, four maybes and 6 want-to-see's.

So that's the update ... so far. A lot of: "we don't know".
Fun. What? Thanksgiving? THIS Thursday?!?!

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