Monday, November 28, 2011

Dear Del 3years 8mos

Dear Del,
You talk.
Don't laugh.
I know it's no surprise considering all the other things we have in common.
And we all know where I get my tendency to talk.constantly. comes from.
I don't know if my mom got it from her mom ... I can't imagine her being the chatty type based on pictures and stories I've heard, but I don't know for sure.
There have been people who have made remarks about my ability to keep a conversation going - even if it is more one sided - especially when I was a child. I've never thought that I talked that much. To prove it, my mother was always endlessly fascinated by my insights shared aloud, with no end of verbal sharing in sight. Clearly this indicated my ability to converse most entertainingly.


Then I met my sister-in-law who thankfully also enjoys a good conversation. She also has the gift to converse at long lengths to her mother with details I find long and drawn out. But her mother doesn't. Ever. Her mom listens with the same fascination that my mom listens to me.
This is when I started to see that my moms interest in what I have to say might not indicate my conversational prowess.
And now I get it.
The great joy in listening to your daughter talk.
Anything is says is a delight.
I don't know where the fascination is ... the realization that I play a part in your formation as a person and you talk, or is it the incredible sense that I'm getting a glimpse into your mind, or maybe just the fun way you put words together.
I don't know what it is but I love hearing you talking. And talk you do. All.the.time.
I think the funniest is when you relay a story of the events that just happened - while I was in the very same room with you.


You love to entertain. Anything to make someone laugh and you love to laugh right along with them. And when you find a way to make someone laugh you share the details of the interaction with others - only to laugh all over again.


You have little patience for movies but you'll play computer games constantly. You love starfall - LOVE. It's very sad to have limits, I know. I'm frustrated that at school there are two computers to choose to use - which you do, regularly. We're working on doing non-computer based stuff - mommy and daddy included. Another area that mommy shares the need for limits in is sweet stuff. If you know there is chocolate or cookies in the house it's all you want - for breakfast, snack, lunch, dinner and times in between. You wake up in the morning saying: "I want a tootie for bek-fist". Then the day is long because it's "tootie, tootie, tootie" all day long - and I'm right there with you wanting.


We've had lots of changes in the last year and this month we moved into the house that you've named: Winter Hill House. You love the toy room and the place at the counter where you can pull up a stool for breakfast (you've started the oatmeal trend again) and the shelf double stacked with books. Your love for books has exploded this month. Daddy, who brings you to school 90% of the time, said that one of your teachers says you demand being read to several times a day. Again, that's my girl! We read chapter books and picture book and board books and magazines and anything else you can get your hands on. Your excited about learning to read but I don't think you're quite ready so we've said that you'll start working on learning to read when Noah is done with the book that teaches how to read.


I was having doubts about school and wanted to go to the classroom to observe. I wasn't sure if it was my presence but you didn't interact with any of the other children. You found stuffed animals and snuggled with them on a bean bag that is under a canopy and looked through books. The classroom seemed full of students older (it's for kids 3-5yrs old) and if you weren't interacting, what's the point? I asked one of your teachers if you were the youngest. She said you might not be but your definitely the smallest. As the smallest she reported that you make it known that you are in charge. Sounds a lot like home. I wasn't sure what she meant exactly. Reports came home that you really like "cooking" in the play kitchen for Cam, one of the boys in the classroom. It sounds like you might make him come to the kitchen so you can give him food. There was an open house that we went to. You spent time showing me how you can be a scientist mixing differently colored water to make new colors. When your bucket of water was too full we went to dump it. As we came back a dad was going to sit in your chair and you made a point of pulling it away from him and sitting down. I guess you do rule the school.


I shouldn't be too surprised when you keep everyone in line at our house too. We remind you that if someone has a toy you want we want you to say: "when you're done with that can I have a turn?". You smile at us, turn to the toy-holder and say: "Give that to me, NOW!" A couple times this month we have heard you ask, but it's not consistent in any way.
We've also talked about: "that's so-and-so's body, so it's their choice if they want to ..." This has been turned on its head a bit because you have started saying: "it's my body so it's MY choice and I WANT that toy Noah has! ... but it's MY choice, it's MY body!" hmmm.


I love you, love you for all your words, opinions, and jokes.
Keep talking,

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