Friday, October 28, 2011

kid speak

Farm Girl: Do you pee and poop when you're dead? ... That's a little bit why I don't like being alive. I have to go pee right now. But I do like being alive because I like to see Beronica (Veronica) in the morning.

Ark Boy: We need the plugger ... I mean the string? See, we're almost out of power.

Farm Girl: What do I look like, Noah? Pretty Good?

Ark Boy: I don't like beer
-on receiving a can of Diet Pepsi while trick-or-treating

Farm Girl: I'm starting to get a little sick because I'm near you.

Ark Boy: Guess what, Del? The day after tomorrow is GAME DAY!!!
Mama: and it's the day Nina is coming.
Ark Boy: Yay, yay, yay! Then she could watch me ... she could watch The Powaaahhh (power)

Farm Girl: I made you a drink! It's milk and water ... and wine! to make it s-p-i-c-y!

Farm Girl: I WANT MILK!
Auntie Chels: I want a million dollars
Farm Girl: ... I WANT MILK!
Aunti Chels: I want a million dollars
Farm Girl: (exasperated sigh) well we can't have both!

(Farm Girl falls from chair) *cry cry*
Dog: *bark!*
Farm Girl: Did you hear her? Molly is saying: 'bad chair, you hurt Del, that's bad, chair!' ... she's angry at the chair.

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