Wednesday, November 30, 2011

home (for now)

When you think things can't get more hectic ... it does.
We're now living in our 4th house of 2011.
And Christmas?
When is that again.
THIS month?
I don't have time!

We slept for the first time at Winter Hill House the night before Thanksgiving.
It's amazing what the change in house has done for my outlook on life. It's also funny because we lived in this house when it was first purchased early in our marriage for about 6mos - so it's funny to come back.

I love our paint choices for the living room and kitchen.

Our room smells like b.o.
It could use a carpet being ripped out, and paint.
It's our short term lay over until we move (again).
But I'll take the beautiful living room/dining room and kitchen.



And we're hanging laundry to dry again.


And rediscovering our canned/dried/frozen/fresh farm yumminess.


I cooked soup and bread.
Both were unappetizing.
What can you expect from a person who has been unable to cook comfortably for about 5 months?
The point wasn't necessarily the end result (although I was disappointed) the point was the process.
Is the double wide what I want?
It could work. Much better than I thought, even.
We would rip out our bedroom carpet, replace moldings, install a woodstove, buy a couch ... if this was our home for longer term. But that plan changed and we're happy (thrilled!) to have this time in our own home for as long as we need.
Now we wait for my parents house to sell in MA. Hopefully the wait isn't too long because it puts our farming on hold somewhat. I'm anxious to order chicks for next year because I want to get some of a breed that is limited in supply. But where to send them to? If we have to wait a year on them, that's okay. Or we can order them and have them sent here as we don't anticipate being too far from here.

In the meantime I'm cooking, cleaning, crafting, photographing to an extent I haven't felt able for months and it's soooo liberating!
It's our first house with a window above the kitchen sink.


We finally have our books on shelves (they've been stacked on the floor and in boxes at our previous house). We were never settled at Ren Man's grandparents. We were always still unpacking because it never felt permanent. Books on shelves is more settling.


The kids have a playroom that all toys stay in, more or less. And no, it's not neat all the time ever. But it doesn't matter. No one is is judging. And if they are ... no, actually, I don't think anyone is because judge-y people haven't been up to visit (we're still definitely in the throes of unpacking - we still have stuff at Ren Man's grandparents and parents).


And the view. Yep. It's good. It makes me sad to leave it behind and see what is being done to this land but focusing on the now. It's just a good view.


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