Friday, October 28, 2011

Dear Noah 5years+5months

Dear Noah,
I know, tall. Yes. You even recently said: "I'm tall for my age" because e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e says it. I know it. You know it. We all know you're tall. Then at home school co-op I was discussing age/size with the other moms and realized the other two five year old boys have birthdays in the same month as you. Their heads reach your shoulder ... almost. Oh boy.
This also affects the co-op dynamic. In preschool you were generally the leader ... not the follower. I presume this would continue had you gone to kindergarten. At the co-op the seven year olds are socially more adept and you're quick to follow their lead. I want you to have a multi-age experience ... it's just hard to see when the seven year olds are not always the kindest. I guess this is the "socialization" that everyone worries you'll "miss out" on.


I always wanted an older brother. If I could pick, you are exactly the older brother I'd want. Your sister is one lucky girl. You're quick to help her, work hard to figure out what can help her feel better when she's upset, and gentle with your teasing and wrestling. This month you started saying: "heeeeeerrrrrre'sss the ticklemonster!" and running at her with your fingers spread wide. She screams in glee and you both end up on the floor wrestling. I can't figure out if she's a fan or not because it starts with screams of "no" and ends in giggles and begging for more!


I've been feeling more nervous about home schooling. We're not doing anything. Sometimes you will consent to a reading lesson and you still love to be read to ... but usually we're just going about our day. Right now you're outside on the trampoline singing. You've been out there for at least an hour. I start to worry. Are we doing enough? Then I remember that we're almost half way through the reading book and we're not half way through kindergarten. And even if we were ... I'm not really worried about you not being a competent reader this year or even next. So we just have to keep doing what we're doing. I think being conscientious about taking walks, going to museums, etc will help me. You don't need any help at all.


You continue to grow and an astronomical rate but also grunt at someone who does something you disagree with before thinking to use words. You love to snuggle in the morning and would choose to snuggle all day long, I think, if given the chance. You're still trying to figure out if people laugh if they are laughing at you or with you ... to be safe you make the grunt noise and combine it with an angry face. It's tough to convince you that it's not at you ... but that line is pretty fuzzy for me too when I find myself in the position of trying to convince you of that. You're on the border between baths and showers. Sometimes it's a shower ... sometimes a bath ... and more often than not you're in need of one.


You continue the video game love. Maybe I need to research some options. Right now your repertoire is "sconic", "the jungle game (aka Donkey Kong)", and pokemon. It's hard still because you're angry when you can't play and we're finding that you jump from world-to-world without pursuing one goal. Maybe that's okay. We're not so sure. We're trying to limit "game days" but the limit is fought daily. We'll get there.
Hopefully by next month we'll be moved into our own house and things won't feel as stressful ... for Mommy. You're a happy clam and love our current house. We're just going to keep going and keep going together.
Love you forever,

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