Thursday, September 22, 2011

Life updated

It's crazy.
It's complicated.
We're going to be moving (again) in the next month (I hope it's really in the next week).
I'm nervous about sharing too much too publicly but this family stuff is complicated (no one says what they mean to your face, for instance .... I don't think it's intentional but it happens and that's hard, hard!).

So if it's viable to stay on this farm we'll likely be talking Yurt - we have to get on it ASAP because it needs to be a go before the snow flies.

If this farm turns out not to be an option there's a few other options to consider. One we'll probably choose over the other for now because house is already built (small, but there, and ours).

So it's hard to update the blog when this is all I've been obsessing thinking about. I apologize for minimal communication.

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