Saturday, September 10, 2011

Dear Noah 5yrs 2+3mos

Dear Noah,
Remember when you would reach high high to see how close to my shoulders you could get? Now your goal is the top of my head. Sigh.


You've become an impressive swimmer, an animal wrangler extraordinaire, and even started kindergarten in the last few months. I couldn't believe how easily you took to the water: holding your breath, jumping with abandon into the water, and diving underwater for diving toys or someone's toes. I love that you've become so comfortable in water (it helps that you can touch the bottom!) but I'm wondering where the boy is that Momma had to jump in after a couple of summers ago.


Your confidence with the animals is quickly becoming something we rely on regularly. You've learned a lot of this summer and your patience and intuition when we're herding birds (as challenging as it sounds!) is much appreciated. When Mommy and Daddy were gone one weekend shooting a wedding we left Grammy to take care of you and your sister and the birds. She said that she made sure to take you up with her to check on the animals because she knew she'd need your help if any were outside of their electric netting.


I noticed on facebook that several of my friends and acquaintances were posting about their "babies" going off to kindergarten. I was curious so looked up when our district's first day of kindergarten was scheduled for. Answer: two days earlier ... the day we'd gone to Santa's Village. Not bad for the first day of kindergarten. We've been dabbling in reading lessons and history somewhat formally all summer. Seeing that school really really had started I began to feel more serious. So now we do a reading lesson almost daily and that's it for required "stuff".


Reading is the one thing that I'm so tempted to push. But in reading (and reading and stressing) the research, reading this young is not beneficial. So I try to take it slow. And when you're excited about the library and all of the books we can take out (there is no limit to the number of books we can take out ... ask me how I know!). We spend hours on some days reading and reading and reading. When you realize you've read a word you are so so proud of yourself.


When you first started talking you talked pretty fluently from the beginning ... but later than your peers. When you started walking ... you soon were running, just a little later walking than I expected. It's like you've always needed to be pretty confident in your ability before you are comfortable taking the plunge into a new skill. I think reading is the same way.

The rest of the day you're very interested in legos these days (why must the pieces be so tiny!??) and spending time with family.


I love you Big Guy,

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