Friday, September 30, 2011

Dear Del 3.5yrs old!

Hi Big Girl,
My the days are flying and while you insist on being held 80% of the time you're also growing and changing and maturing at an impressive rate. You started "tool" this month, known to the rest of us as school. You were not over excited about tool once it really kicked into routine high gear (about the second day) but are acclimating and more recently have anticipated school with more enthusiasm.


You don't know any of your peers names, so you say, nor do you know any teachers names. You did notice when one of your teachers was out recently ... you told me she had a doctor's appointment. Later you said you couldn't remember why she was out. I think you were joking. You love jokes. When Grampy asked if you were carrying your baby doll you said: "nope" with a straight face. He said: "is it a frog?" you said: "Yep" and kept walking, straight faced. You often tell us about events in your day that were completely opposite to reality - then you say: "I'm just kidding!" and think it's all very funny.


We miss you while you're at school and can't wait to hear all about your adventures when you get home. When we start talking about something that happened while you were at school you say: "I don't remember that. Was that a long time ago?" It's hard for you to understand that our lives continue even when you're not with us. It's the same thing when we talk about events that took place before you were born. Unfathomable. We were actually just sitting around waiting for your arrival. It totally befuddles you - the idea that Mommy was off doing things before you were a born ... things like, learning my abc's and living with my family of origin, and meeting Daddy ... Even crazier for you is thinking of a time when Mommy and Daddy didn't know each other. Seeing our wedding album is totally unbelievable for you.


With you away at school, you and Noah miss each other like crazy. You also seem to fight more. Bummer. At the same time, Noah continues to be your hero and best friend and you mimic his actions, words, and everything else. Noah says something/asks a question and you literally parrot him.


You are still a crazy Momma's girl. Mommy do it, Mommy do it, Mommy do it. It makes Daddy feel very privileged when you deem him worthy to unbuckle you, wipe your bum, or brush your teeth. Funny girl. I try to enjoy this time where Mommy is so central to your life. Sometimes it's hard because it gets confusing ... like when you ask for a snuggle then say: "DON'T TOUCH ME!". I think you want me nearby but not toooo nearby. That's to be expected. You were the baby that slept much better when we stopped cosleeping. But within arms reach always is preferable to a Mommy that is out of view, right? At the same time you are social, can shriek when necessary (and even when not), and converse with the best of them.


Thank you, thank you for being our baby big girl.
I love you a million.

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