Thursday, September 1, 2011

DSL - What?


We're busy. It's not all picking daisies and milking cows while taking pictures of it all (not that either is easy).
Two businesses and two kids and two grown ups equals a lot of running to and fro in sometimes not the most efficient but definitely the most frustrating ways.
In addition
yes, there's more
For F-O-U-R months - that's right 4! We traipsed from here to there to use our neighbor's satellite internet (who also happen to be Ren Man's parents). They too were waiting for DSL.

We got the word it arrived.
And then T-W-O months - that's right 2!! of hold up and delays with no explanations.
the fair fairpoint installer came.
He happens to be a cousin of a cousin's husband.
We'd never met before.
He'd make a good therapist.
I lamented lack of DSL, farm family life, global issues - he conversed heartily back.
What a perfect fairpoint person.
And now we have DSL
which we've been missing
and we have it 3x's as fast as we had it in Providence
and I've spent the last two days angrily glued to the machine trying to "catch up" on all the things I've "put off".
Now I'm feeling pressure.
To blog.
To post.
To look up.
To watch.
To research.
To contact.
To email.
To tell kids to go entertain themselves!

Maybe there's something to not having DSL.

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