Friday, September 2, 2011

Dear Del 40+41 months

Dear Big Girl,
Two months in one? Yes, we've been busy. But more than that – our internet was promised last month and I was just informed yesterday that we're not getting it until at least next month. Very frustrating. One of the frustrating parts is that blogging has been left in the pile of things to do when we have internet. So I'm writing this in a word processor to be posted in the future … at some point.


So the last few months …
wow. It seems like you've grown in every way since the beginning of the summer. You've started using your words more (and screaming louder when necessary) and you're quick to help whenever you can. We've learned to make pesto together (it's selling quickly at the farmer's market), herd various poultry, and stop to watch butterflies. You and Noah play for hours and hours in peace. I didn't know that was possible with siblings – but you two have mastered the art of negotiating and taking turns and all that goes along with getting along with each other. It makes a mama proud. Yes, you still need some interference from time to time but generally you're both peaceable kids.

You say cute cute things and have recently been excited about spotting Willow trees on the few car rides we take. You're quick to reassure Noah if he didn't see the one you saw that he'll see it next time (even if Mommy has doubts that the tree exists outside of your mind).


When you recently added a hat to your wardrobe you asked if it looked pretty. I'm not sure where that concept came from but I told you that it does look pretty. You opted out of the pretty option. Funny, funny.

You still mostly insist on snuggles before bed. The last few nights I've given you the option for a short snuggle before I go make a necessary phone call or a long snuggle after. You choose the long snuggle but don't manage to stay awake until the phone call is over. I'm realizing that you fall asleep quicker and more easily without snuggles – just like when you were a baby. Now it's just convincing you of that.


Our friends came from RI, two families anyway. That was 6 kids under 5 and I barely saw you the entire time they were here. I have no idea what you did with them but I think it was a fun filled active 4 days of play. You miss them and ask when they can come back on a weekly basis. I miss them too but it's fun to have something so so exciting to look forward to – their next visit!


I love you muchly,

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