Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dear Noah 5 years 2mos

Dear Noah,
You are my tv-watching-champ. I'm not proud of this, but it's true. You LOVE watching tv. Meme and Pepe watch tv all.day.long. The game show network. Your favorite show is Deal or No Deal. You repeat infomercials and tell us all about covers we can get for our car to protect the seats from dog drool (the dog we don't have) or a screen door that closes by itself uses magnets. Meal time is worse though. It's hard to focus on family and dinner while the tv is on, isn't it? We keep thinking we might start eating in another room but haven't done that yet.


When you aren't watching television you and your sister are finding your communication groove. It's so awesome to hear you both use your words. Sometimes you need reminding to actually listen to Del's words but when you two are in sync (which is happening even more than before!) it's unreal. I'm so thankful for your relationship with each other and I hope it continues to grow and deepen forever and ever. You're best friends and I really couldn't ask for more!


You have been Super Noah all month. When you get up in the morning you don your cape and the mask of the day (a costume mask or swimming goggles) and you're ready to face the day. If you're feeling a little unsure about a situation you pull your mask right over your eyes so no one will recognize you. You do opt to take the mask off for the car and for swimming lessons. In the beginning you were wearing the cape to bed but soon I started noticing that you just left it next to your bed at night.


Oh ... swimming lessons ... during the first one you had such a hard time because you really wanted to get in the pool and do whatever Sharon, the swimming instructor suggested but you also really didn't want to be that far away from Mama. Finally Sharon suggested Mama leave and I waited by the car (behind the privacy fence) struggling as you cried for 3 seconds and then you were laughs and "watch me!"s. By the time I came back you were a happy fish. When Sharon said the next lesson would be Monday you asked if Monday was the next day. In one lesson you were going under water! By the fifth you're jumping off the side of the pool and swimming through two rings UNDER WATER. Yeah. I was surprised to see that the first time too!


We started going to Farmer's Market this month. The first time you were adamant you didn't want to go. We didn't really have a choice so we packed everything up in the van and insisted you come with us. In no time you were racing from here to there all over the park with your sister. In the end you said: "hey! It's like we're the farmers and the farmer's market!" Yep. It's exactly like that. And you and Del are the mascots running around like the independent farm kids you're turning out to be.


You're still loving to be read to and we squeeze that in whenever we can. Even when it seems like you're not really processing you somehow do because later you'll make some connection between the book and another book or a life experience ... it's so cool to see the gears in your head turn as you piece this crazy world together.
I love you love you,

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