Monday, October 10, 2011

Dear Noah 5years+4months

Dear Mr. Noah,
Your first loose tooth! It happened so suddenly. Like a thunder clap you said: "Hey! I have a loose tooth!" You were quite surprised. Maybe we should have warned you. It seemed sooo loose - it was amazing that you only just realized it was loose. But it held on for the rest of the month, just being loose.


This tooth you've had for 5 years - the first one to come in, the first one to leave.

In other firsts ... you proposed to another human for the first time. You had been talking for a couple of weeks about how you were going to marry your friend Emmie. Your sister insisted she would also be marrying Emmie. You informed her that girls can't marry girls. I informed you of the opposite, which I think rocked your world a little. Who knew your sister might compete for the same spouse? Evidently we need to up the ante on books like And Tango Makes Three?

Anyway, you finally had your chance to pop the question to Emmie. Del was there too but she didn't intervene. Emmie said: "mmm, maybe ... I'll have to think about it." Wise girl. I explained to both of you that you might have lots of people you meet that you think you might want to marry until you meet the person at the right time in life and decide that you'll marry that person. You might not end up marrying each other. This seemed to make sense to Emmie. You shrugged and just said that you only want to marry Emmie. Oh boy.


No worries, you'll still choose hours of snuggle time in bed with Momma, LOVE being read to (we read Stuart Little in ONE day last week), and get ice cream all around your mouth as you gobble it down. Oh! But you're growing and maturing and asking "what does that mean?" kind of questions all.the.time.


In preparation for a more appropriate time for marriage, you've been eating,eating,eating ... which I assumes leads to more eating and then some growing until you're a million feet tall, have b.o. and *gasp* shave. Okay, let's focus on today and not panic about the speediness of childhood. So eating. Two hamburgers for dinner, no problem. Two sandwiches for lunch, yum! Two cups of potatoes, you'll chomp it all down. It's hard to know what the limits should be, if any. We remind you to listen to your body as you beg for more dinner, and then we're shocked to look back 2 minutes later to see seconds have disappeared. And you're five. Not a teenager. I hear the food consumption ability increases dramatically during those years.


Oh ... and speaking of impending teenagedom ... you've discovered video games (or was that last month?). Your addiction is overwhelming. We figured out a way to limit - 15minutes of video games for every reading lesson you finish. I struggled with using this as a tool(?) or as bribery(?). Your on lesson 42 and it's incredible. I'm so happy to see your daily progress. It's amazing, amazing, and I'm happy not to miss one minute of it!
But then it leads to video games (and this momma very very rarely ACTUALLY puts the timer on!). And video games lead to crazy withdrawel behavior when we pull the plug. I've been debating just saying it's free-for-all video games whenever hoping you'll get sick of it sometime relatively soon ... but I'm scared that won't happen. So for now, it's a reading tool and we'll use it until lesson 100 ... then I don't know what we'll do.
Mario and Donkey Kong call. Yes, yes, I can play two player so you can be the little monkey.
Much Love,

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