Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dear Del 39 mos

Dear Del-Del,
I love you, Girl. Over and over and over again I love you. I love hearing what you have to say, I love your tiny arms wrapping tight around my neck, I love your sweet kisses on cheeks and lips. Your so fun to be with. So fun to see the world through your eyes.


That's the well rested version of you. The tired version is not a happy camper in any way. Words turn into scream, hugs turn into hits, kisses turn into whines - it's so hard for you and so hard for me. Just recently I discovered that if we put a movie on and you lay down on a chair you will fall asleep. Even a half hour pick me up helps so much. You turn back into the girl who is such fun to be with.


We're still working consistent bedtime stuff and we're getting there but it's not consistent yet. And it's so hard to know if leaving you crying when I need to walk up a steep hill with chicken food and you're insisting on being carried is the thing to do or if passing the chicken feeding off to someone else who is also already very busy. So hard to know.


We've heard that the first 10 years raising boys is harder and the second 10 years raising girls is harder. We're thinking that if this is your "easy" decade, we're in trouble! But we also know that the hard part is when you're tired. When you're tired you insist on being carried. When you're well rested you show us how fast you can run. When you're tired you say you're not tired and insist on NOT going to bed. When you're not tired you know the bedtime routine and quickly fall asleep. When you're tired only mommy can do it.


Actually, that's all the time. You're a mommy girl through and through! This means I get to hear all of your plans and recollections, read you stories every night before bed, and hear all of your giggles as we share a funny joke.
Thanks for being such a gem.

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