Friday, May 13, 2011

Planting, Planting

Originally posted on the farm blog on May 6, 2011

Last fall we sod cut and seeded the projected largest garden on the farm this year ... and it appears our cover crop was overtaken by sod. So, a kind aunt and uncle lent us their rotatiller and Josh went to work on rotatilling.

Meanwhile, in "Grampy's Garden" I was busy with the broad fork, and the wheel hoe. Both of these tools were created at least a century ago but have been forgotten by many in favor of bigger and faster. We've found that bigger and faster doesn't equal better. The broad fork and wheel hoe are gentle on our soil and affective for our current gardens.

With a little help from our trusty Eliot Coleman book, seeds from Fedco, and beds prepped using the above tools as well as a rake - we're planting, planting, planting!

Tiny tiny seeds that we're faithfully planting in the ground. It's crazy and amazing to me that these tiny things hold the future of our whole garden this summer! We planted kale, chard, turnips, radishes, rutabagas, kohlrabi, spinach, and parsnips. All cold loving - so we're hoping it stays cool a little bit longer.
As a side note: yes, these are my hands. Yes, they are worker hands - they've always been full of deep lines. A friend in high school teased me about this. I said they were hands made for working ;)

We're involving the kids as much as possible. They spend their days finding worms to move to our gardens, stuffing the calf mangers with hay, filling the calf waterers to practically overflowing, picking up chicks, spraying each other with the hoses in the parlor ... and throwing seeds in random places in their attempt to help us plant.

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