Saturday, May 14, 2011


Originally posted on the farm blog on May 8, 2011

An exciting day!
We were informed that our chicks would arrive sometime between Tuesday and Thursday during the first week in May. On Sunday night of said week we received an email saying our chicks would be arriving at the post office the office the following day.
We were not ready for chicks.
Monday's to-do was to finish up getting ready for chicks.
But then Monday's to-do changed to: go pick up chicks and do last minute prep after they are in our possession.
It was a very exciting day as the children had their first ride in the farm truck (the farm truck that was purchased less than a year ago with an extended cab for the very purpose of having the kids be able to ride in the truck).

... and we had some errands to run in town first - like picking up 50 - yes FIFTY - fence posts. I'm certain I would not have been able to help load these fence posts a week before. My biceps are impressive, if I do say so myself (picture courtesy of Noah).

We finally made our last stop - the post office. Peep, peep, peep, peep, peep!!! The chicks rode in the car next to Del (much to the upset of Noah). We had very firm words with Del about not putting her hands in the box in case the chicks peck her. We later regretted these firm words because poor Del was quite nervous around the chicks for the rest of the day.

Two boxes like this of thirsty chicks. Only one dead on arrival, which is pretty good odds considering it was 100+ chicks.

We started with two chick lights hanging from the ceiling. We soon switched the lights into brooders - hoods that the chicks could hide under and could better contain the heat.
We've had chicks before - but 6 at the most. 100+ is a little overwhelming - and no, we didn't name them ;) In the past we've purchased them from craigslist and get them at 5+ days old. These one day old chicks were so so tiny!

We've now had the chicks for almost a week. We've lost three for unexplained reasons. We lost 5 meat chicks to a barn cat. I was very angry at the cat and we quickly revamped the brooder to make it more cat proof.
The cats have also dug up some of our freshly seeded garden space.
We put cayenne pepper down today.
And rumor has it that the humane society will do free spay/neuter for barn cats.
So I plan to sign up on the waiting list. Maybe that will slow these cats down a little!

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