Thursday, May 12, 2011


Originally posted on the farm blog on May 5, 2011

It seems there should be a picture of me (Sarah) milking. But I'm often the one with camera in hand and Josh is not so hot on multitasking- he's milking, or his photographing - he's not doing both.
I started milking two days after we moved.
Josh wants to wait until the cows are out of the barn (probably at the end of this month).
I wanted practice in milking.
This morning was my tenth milking (I've opted out of milking twice since coming).
Josh has milked twice.
He's an excellent milker.
I'm getting better every day.
Morning milking starts at 5:15am (in theory, it's usually 20 minutes later that it actually starts).
And there are cats.
And one likes to jump on shoulders. I've avoided being jumped on so far. Josh was jumped on during first milking. I don't think he believed me when I said it would jump.

Milking is interesting. It's a rhythmic pattern that allows for thinking through the to-do's for the day. It's also funny how you get to know each cow. This one is nicknamed Thumper because she bangs the grain feeder when she runs out to make more come out, 33 is always in the last batch to come in to be milked, the one nicknamed Spike (because of a tuft of hair on her head that sticks up) is always filthy, 40 milks out slow, another one kicks ever time you touch her ...

The barn is stuffy. I think the cows are looking forward to getting out in the fresh air as much as we're looking forward to getting them out!

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