Friday, May 27, 2011

Dear Del 38 months

Dear Del-Del,
Life continues to be crazy around here. We're going-going-going at an incredible speed and for the most part you're keeping up. I think the later bedtimes are taking their toll. We're going to work on that in the next month because it's not fair to you - especially given how hectic day-to-day life is.


No questions, your brother is your best friend. You two spend most of your days in the garden with Mommy and Daddy because that's where we've been spending most of our days. You spend time in the brook, throwing rocks in, going "fishing" with long sticks dipped into the brook ... You spend time riding your jeep (which you've stopped calling your GPS) and you really want a bike like Noah's. We're working on that too.


You charm everyone you interact with - I think your yells surprise them the first time you inform them of something in a big big voice.
You picked up one of the full grown chickens for the first time this month and you were so proud of yourself! There have been several repeats since.


You're much more brave in the barn and no longer fear a cow pooping on you - your greatest fear in the barn. You love holding the little kittens - and the big barn cats too! At first there was some confusion when you saw them outside because we've told you that cats belong inside. Your worldview broadened a little when we explained that barn cats are allowed outside.


You're a wonder and a delight and we're so happy that you're in our lives!
Love you Big Girl,

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