Saturday, May 14, 2011

A shift in attitude

Just one overheard piece of conversation:
-How is your daughter?
-Oh! She's amazing. She's so much fun!

As a child I remember overhearing grownups talking about how their kids were for sale, etc which in other words meant: I'm overwhelmed by my kids.
I never wanted that message to be sent to my kids.
But lately I'm understanding why parents said things like this.
We're busy.
Kids schedule is very scattered and their whole lives have been turned upside down.
So, I'm wanting to sell them.
Questioning us as parents and them as kids and feeling so unsure about how to respond to their whines, their screams, their kicks and hits ....

And then I overheard the above conversation.
It reminded me that more than anything I wanted to be a mom.
And they have given me that privilege.

It's my choice if all I hear is the whines or if I focus on the hugs, the reckless abandon as they run through a sun filled dandelion lit field, their quirks, their laughter, their big ideas, their enthusiasm, their smiles, the tugs on my legs ....

There is so much to love.
These children are NOT for sale.
Just reminding myself in the middle of a whine-y sentence that life is just as chaotic for them right now - and it's socially appropriate for them to whine, even if I can't ;)

So thanks friend for the above overheard sentence. That daughter sounds like she's as wonderful as her mother.

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