Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Show - a first for Ark Boy

For Ark Boy's birthday his grandparents got him (and Ren Man and myself) tickets to see Madagascar Live!
Ark Boy was enthralled, to say the least, to see the show yesterday at PPAC.
I started a going-to-see-shows-at-PPAC craze around Christmas when I looked at Burlington, VT's theater offerings and was disappointed. So suddenly we're show crazy. Ren Man and I went to see Blue Man Group last week and on Friday we're going to see Spamalot. Gotta fit it all in - only two weeks left before the big move!

So Madagascar Live! ... It was really fun. Ark Boy was mildly concerned before the show that the animals would be real! I also wanted to make sure he knew we weren't going to see a movie.

He sat patiently through the whole show and was completely transfixed. He had a hard time during the intermission - I don't blame him, I don't like intermissions either!

He did mention that it was a good thing Del didn't come because she's noisy and interrupts all the time. He also concluded that Del wouldn't be able to sit through a whole show. Hmmmm...

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