Sunday, April 10, 2011

New PJs

Sometimes my mother - when she thinks she can risk the wrath of her daughter* - brings the children clothes.
Recently said mother risked wrath and brought the children several items of clothing ("there was such a great deal - I saved so much money!" "No mother, you did not save any money - you spent money, even if there was a sale you spent money you wouldn't have spent had you not walked into store in the first place" [Sarah can be very black-and-white, to say the least])

Despite Sarah's reaction children were very excited about new clothes.
Farm Girl's looked familiar ... then I realized ... I had seen them before on my St. Mike's -Room mates- son's body - in a slightly smaller form.
Very funny.
And ... I should mention that these pjs create very snugly kids. Actually Ark Boy calls them "too comfortable" sometimes and opts to wear something else. What he means by "too comfortable" is too hot.

*wrath is not meaning less than grateful for generosity of mother
wrath is a result of:
a) feeling like children do not need said items
b)feeling that mother spent too much money
c) feeling that money should not be spent on clothing companies that have terrible clothing-making policies

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