Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saying Goodbye ... for now

Have I mentioned that I'm part of an awesome playgroup.
When I think of the things I'm most sad to leave behind it's playgroup and the library.
We have random MNO's (Mom Night Outs) as playgroup people (minus children that tend to interrupt our conversations;) ) and lately I've been demanding sushi. Pretty much every time. Fortunately I have at least one other playgroup momma who is a big sushi fan too.
We went out a couple nights ago for the last MNO for me - probably ever. Sad, sad. And they surprised me by bringing a gift - supplies for sushi making no less! They explained that they were concerned that I wouldn't have yummy sushi access after the move.
So thoughtful. And I don't think we're that organized - so the fact that they organized getting a gift without me even knowing ... I'm impressed.

It kind of made the leaving more real.
More immediate.
Trying not to dwell on all that I'll miss! And reassure myself that these relationships can be maintained at least somewhat over internet/phone. AND playgroup is coming to the farm in August for a camping adventure!

Oh playgroup, it's so sad to leave you.

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