Tuesday, April 26, 2011



See the before and after? There's the empty truck and the full truck - it doesn't really do it justice, I don't think, because the coop blocks everything.

The plan was for me to drive our car with the kids and follow Ren Man in the truck.
The plan did not work so well because while I was sobbing and exchanging last minute hugs with friends and family my dad was helping Ren Man pull out of our driveway (yes, he backed a 24' truck INTO our FENCED driveway!!) and Ren Man took this as a good opportunity to leave. When I realized he wasn't slowing down I jumped in our car and he was one light ahead of me ... apparently that's enough distance to create a 45 minute gap on the highway.
After catching up with the elusive moving truck (add fog, rain, and a wiper that blurries the windshield) Farm Girl announces she has to go potty.
Goodbye moving truck.
We never saw it again because we passed the exit Ren Man got off to refuel the truck.
We arrive at our new house about 5 minutes before Ren Man.
I came into the house crying.
I was doing good after the first 1.5 of the ride.
This is our dream.
We're finally really doing this.
Something I've been yearning for for years!
But it's also reality so that means it's not all idealistic and perfect (have I mentioned playgroup in RI? Or the library? for example ...) I think my father in law was a little taken aback. He was all excited to say "hi! You're here!!!!!" and I was all "boohoo".

Now it's just overwhelming packing and 1,328 things on our farm to-do list.
Moving into someone else's house is way harder than moving into an empty house, I realized. It's not only moving all of your items into their new spots ... it's figuring out how to do that in a fully furnished house. And we thought we were narrowing down what we had ... it's still a ton more than I thought it would be.

Also, we're still in limbo a bit because the plan was for the in laws to build a house this summer.
It's now looking like that's not going to happen.
At least not this year.
Or is it?
So if we knew we were co-housing for 6mos we'd unpack and organize one way.
If we thought it was indefinite we'd be unpacking and organizing in a different way.
It's all up in the air (and all over the floor, and stacked in towers, and spilling out of closets ...)
The progress is s-o-o-o slow.
In normal time, I'm sure it's progressing fine. In Sarah time ... well, you know.

And ... I started going to help milk. It's going well. I just need to figure out how to tell if the udder is empty. I'm told that's the hardest part. In Sarah-time though, I should have it all figure out!

Bees are delayed a week (we're okay with the delay, because of aforementioned 1, 328 things on the to-do list). Chicks come next week (yay!) so we need to make space for them in the barn.

We're anxious to get plants in the ground but it's been rainy (flooding is more accurate) so we're sitting on our hands (and waiting for the soil test results to come back!).

Lastly, we need to contact our mentor through NOFA to make time to go see them. They have a pregnant pig for us to purchase so we need to figure out where the pig can go.

Blogging is not so easy to squeeze in with all these to-do's. Did you like the highlights of the to-do list? ;)

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