Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Dear Del :: 37 months

Dear Del-Del,
Every month seems so huge and eventful! This month might have topped the list up to this point. We finally made the big move to our farm! You've been a champ. We (mostly Daddy) spent most of the month packing, packing, packing.


Noah had his "pretend" birthday and that meant that you decided you were turning 5 too. You're very busy growing - but you're already a "big girl", you told me so yourself. One of the most important benchmarks for being all grown up is that your bum will be big enough to not slip into the potty. You've noted that yours is almost big enough, and Noah's already is. So when you're big like Noah you'll have a big bum too. This conversation has taken place several times this month. And, you've fallen into a toilet once - about three months ago, at a rest stop on the way back home from one of our pre-moving Vermont trips.


Almost every time we've been doing morning prep to get ourselves out the door for our adventures (mostly playgroup this month), you've insisted that you're bringing this baby or that baby. Right before we step out of our front door you generally opt to abandon the baby after all. I often have found "Sarah Baby" tucked under my blankets, laying on my pillow. When you're ready to "take a walk" with your baby you say she's all done with her nap. Sometimes she's napping underneath a cloth napkin, or a playsilk on the kitchen floor. Clothes are still not allowed on dolls.


The whine has come in full force. I still think you are somewhat justified in using this voice almost all of the time. It seems that when you use a regular voice you don't get a response. I'm working on that. And on reminding you to use a regular voice. And really, it's much easier to understand what you're saying when you use a regular voice.
Sometimes Mommy doesn't understand what you're saying. Sometimes you think my guesses are hilarious - you laugh so hard you can hardly squeak a repeat attempt out, other times it's just so frustrating for you.


About a week before this letter was due we made our big move and you and Noah both are most excited about your new-to-you bunk bed. It seems the move has hardly been a hiccup in your life. I think it helps that we've been visiting this house for your whole life, so no getting used to it necessary, really. It's just that now you have a room and a bunk bed. It's pretty cool to see you do bedtime with your aunt or take a walk with your grandmother on a whim. There's a lot of work to be done around the farm and right now, you seem to be loving it. Our new house is filled with leftover water paints from when Auntie Chels was a girl, "moving ting!"s in the ladybugs in the house and the worms crawling through newly disturbed dirt. Auntie Chels took a walk with you up the hill, Grammy took a walk all the way to the shooting shack with you, and Mommy and Daddy have taken you to the brook where you love throwing in anything - rocks, moss, dry grass ... even a huge beetle thing once ... until you realized it was a "moving ting!".


Thank you for being our girl. We love you love you and are so excited to be doing this farm thing and watching you discover our new world.

ps all the images from this months letter we're done at our brown (old) house, before we moved.

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