Thursday, March 3, 2011

Del 35mos!

Oh, my Del,
I love you. You make me smile every day. You say: "sanks, mom" for things that hardly seem thank-worthy, but I appreciate it all the same. Or you say: "Momma! Momma!" and when you finally get my attention you say: "I wuv you" and just like that, the tension between us disapears.

Where did this month go?!? We spent the first couple weeks recovering from our San Antonio adventure and gearing up for a 2.5 week stint in Vermont. You finger painted in the basement at home while I painted a desk red to match Grammy's kitchen where it found new life as an island. You were very very careful to avoid touching the wet paint on the desk.
On our way up to Vermont you were excited and we had fun spending a long weekend at Grammy and Grampy's. You announced one day: "I wuv Gampie and when I comes home I will say: 'I wuv you, Gampie' and he will say: 'I wuv you too, Del'" and your prediction came true. You loved hiding with your brother when you realized someone was coming in the house. Then you'd jump out and yell: "Surprise!" or "Tick-Tock" (I don't know why either.

After the long weekend at Grammy and Grampy's we went to house sit at Uncle Sid and Aunt Suzanne's. You and your brother had your own rooms for the first time in a long long time - at Noah's request. I hoped it would mean you would sleep in longer - and so would he - because you wouldn't be waking each other up. This would have worked quite well, I think, if you both didn't insist on yelling: "It's morning time!" at first light - loud enough to wake up the still-sleeping-sibling. I guess that just justifies the plan of having you two continue to share a room.

Oh! Your new room in Vermont! There's much excitement over your new-to-you bunkbed. You tell everyone that you'll be sleeping on the bottom. You worked and worked to climb up onto your brother's top bunk ... but never quite made it - it was just too high. You said you'll be ready when you're a little bit older.

One of your biggest Vermont thrills was discovering the "baby bed" (aka crib) and sleeping in it for three nights. You liked explaining how it all worked to anyone interested and we giggled as you broke from your usual routine (walking into our bedroom to whisper: "I need to go potty") - you would yell from your crib when you needed us.

You had fun hanging out with a new friend, going to the library, a quick visit from Nina and Poobah, and making several treks to the barn. But at the end of 2.5 weeks when we said it was time to make the long drive home - you were ready!

We noticed that you and Noah were both pretty crabby. At first we thought it was adjusting to a new place and new routines. At the end of 2.5 weeks ... we're pretty nervous about our upcoming transition to Vermont full time. I'm sure you'll both adjust - we're just wondering how long the adjustment will take. You were thrilled to be home and back to familiar toys, routines, and your bed.

We continue to be thrilled at discovering you "reading" to yourself - "Blueberries for Del" still being a favorite. You "read" in a high pitched voice that cracks us up. You're also all about acting out your stuffed animals or figurines - a recent imagined conversation between a lion figure of Simba and Nala:

Nala (high pitched voice): I can turn my head around, see? ... Oh, you want to, too? You can't - you head too big.

You love talking on the phone, pretend or not.

You hate having your hair brushed.

I can't believe you're going to be three next month! It's unreal. A lot of big changes coming up this year for you and our family.
I love you, Big Girl,

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