Saturday, February 5, 2011

Noah 4&3/4

Dear Noah-Noah,
You have had an explosion of freckles! I wondered when they would come from birth and was surprised to discover the first couple this time last year. All that winter sun must have done it. Then, again, I noticed in January that more freckles have arrived. They.are.adorable!

In the last two days - maybe to counteract the too-cute freckles - you've made serious head contact with seriously hard surfaces. The first time you ran into the corner of the wall between the living room and kitchen. I wasn't around when it happened - but I definitely heard you scream. When I asked what happened you said you were trying to sneak up on me in the kitchen (where I was not) and ran so fast and didn't stop inside. Red line from forehead, past nose, onto that space between your lips and nose, to your chin. The bruise and slight scab was only on the forehead part. Ouch ouch!
Then today you were outside playing by yourself and I heard you screaming. I raced outside (in my slippers) to see you laying on your belly on the ground, clearly you fell on the ice. I rushed to you ... and yep, slipped and hit my hip hard! Nothing compared to your vicious head scrape that puffed up impressively. We've been teaching you to tell people that you got in a fight with the ice. You think that's pretty funny.


We had a super fun January trip with Nina and Pooba to San Antonio. You loved telling us all about your daily adventures but your most favorite thing, I think, was Kiddie Park. It's an amusement park for kids under 12. So all the fun rides of a regular amusement park - at your level! You waited ALL week to go to Kiddie Park because it was pretty chilly all but one day during the first part of our week.
We left brown grass and returned to overwhelming snow heaps! We've been discussing our upcoming move - the snow somehow reminds us of Vermont. Lately though you're asking questions about how far away you'll be from this friend and that friend. On more than one occasion you've announced: "Actually, I've changed my mind: I don't want to move to Vermont."


You've discovered Super Heroes in a big way this month! It started with a weekend with Nina at our house. I don't know what happened next but you started playing a game of "Super Heroes" somehow. You somehow conveyed to Nina that this meant you prowled around the house looking for "Bad Guys" to destroy somehow. She told you all about Batman. You're quite impressed with the car and your interpretation of Nina's explanation of the Bat Car is hilarious. I'm tempted to show you some youtube videos of Batman but I don't want to squelch your imagination.
Now this is your favorite past time - playing "Super Heroes". You beg, beg, beg anyone and everyone to play. It's confusing for the other person because the "rules" of "Super Heroes" is very vague. You nine times out of ten choose to be Batman and then ask everyone else who they want to be. Del often chooses Spider Women.
Ugug, soon after this game emerged, asked if you knew about Superman. He told you all about Superman's abilities. You were very impressed and were this close to choosing to be Superman over Batman - but then pointed out that Superman doesn't have a cool car.


We ordered chicks that will arrive around your birthday. It's fun that it will be the third year in a row that chicks come around your birthday. It will be interesting to see how overwhelming it is - the first year we got 6 chicks and last year 4 ... this year we're getting 76 - and some extra from another place. You're excited. What you're most excited about though is bunk beds. You have asked for some for about 6months and we have some waiting for us when we move. Much excitement over bunk beds!


A letter would not be complete without mentioning your height, right? So I noticed you're growing about 3inches a year. I looked it up. This is average. But it seems like a lot to me. I'm trying to do the math in my head to figure out how long we'll have until you're as tall as me. I think you'll be at least 9. Okay, I can live with that. After all, that's another lifetime away! It's amazing to think of how tiny you once were ... you could fit up right against my chest and belly - now you barely fit in my lap! I read somewhere that around this age it's funny because you can still see the baby your kid once was and you also get glimpses of the man he will be. I get that - and it's scary! And cool! But mostly scary!


You're very interested in having your sister play with you (mostly Super Heroes) or at least be nearby. It's pretty cool to see you two become closer friends. It's not to say you don't drive each other crazy at least once daily, but overall you're friendly and want to be in each others company. Makes my heart go soft. I love the relationship you two have and I hope it only gets better and better.


I love you each and every day,

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