Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dear Noah 4 years 10mos

Dear Noah,
I keep saying that you're almost 5 - and you are ... but you're also months away and it's always a surprise when I remember you're still 4.

You're 4 and you're all about fighting, shooting, and being the biggest/fastest/best. We're still playing superheros (and the object of the game is still a mystery to me, racing, jumping on the bed/couch/cushions on the floor/unsuspecting family members/chairs, wrestling, tumbling ...
We were talking tae-kwon-doe last month; now we're talking more seriously about gymnastics. With all the jumping and tumbling - I think trampolines and floor mats might be just the thing for you.

What a rough and busy month. We spent a little over two weeks in Vermont - a long weekend at Grammy and Grampy's and two weeks house sitting for Aunt Suzanne and Uncle Sid. We had so much fun collecting eggs, gently approaching the horses to let them lick our hands, playing hide and seek with the sheep, peeking in on the ducks, and offering hay and pats to the heifers. We also went to Grammy and Grampy's house almost every day where lots of exciting changes were happening - most importantly to you - your new bunkbed was painted and set up in your new room. There are piles of toys at Grammy and Grampy's that were fun to pull out and play with with much anticipation for all the toys that will be available when we move.
We finally started reading chapter books. It's something I've wanted to do with you forever and ever but ... it doesn't hold your interest. We started with the first book in the Narnia Series - you know there are knights somewhere in the story and you were disappointed that they weren't in the first book. So we took a break from that series and started a dragon series that Daddy remembers reading when he was a boy. You loved them and we read them all in less than a week! You're asking to read them again. So chapter book success. You say you'd like to go back to the Narnia books (with the promise of knights in something like book 5) when we move to Vermont.

To fit in all that fun - including an overnight visit from Nina and Poobah, THREE visits with a new family friend, and meeting some of Mommy and Daddy's college friends - routines were off. That's typical when we're in Vermont, but we thought we were doing pretty well in keeping bedtimes regular. Maybe the few nights we got to bed later threw you off? Or the new environment in general? Anyway - life has been full of drama over the last few weeks. Lots of declarations of: "if you do that, I'm never playing with you again!" Our favorite so far has been: "If you don't let me have ice cream right now, I'm never eating ice cream ever again!"

I think life might be feeling a little out of control right now - so any time you are feeling particularly crazy you make a stand - something that can be in your control and black and white. That makes sense. It's hard though. Hard for you and hard for us.
When we returned home you were a very content kid, despite declaring: "I want to stay in Vermont! If we go back to our house right now, I'm not wearing my boots!"
Back in our regular routine you are loving life - mostly. You were so so so excited to be going to school the day after we returned. Your teacher says you've been completely adorable. You frequently checked in with her on that first day back to tell her about your various Vermont adventures and plans. She says after being back for a week you have matured since our time before going to Vermont. There is no silly behavior.

You tell me in whispered tones that you love me the best. I'm sad for Daddy so just affirm that I heard you. Then when you're scared in the night you often call for Daddy. When you wake up in the morning and want to snuggle you crawl into his side of the bed. When you decide who will read to you before bed - it's Daddy. I think it's hard in an almost-five-year-old brain to love two things the same amount, but in different ways.
Wow. I can't believe you're almost five.

You're sweet. With your willingness to share readily with younger children (although not always your sister), your "Mama"s and your "Dada"s, your tight hugs, your "I love you all the time!" realizations, your hiding when someone comes to the door so you can surprise them, your love of whispering tickle-y messages into family member's ears, your adoration of parents, uncles, aunts, grandparents, and cousins. All of it.
I love you Mr. Mr.

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