Monday, March 28, 2011

Dear Del 36 mos

Dear Del,
Wow. Three. That's you! Although we weren't allowed to tell you Happy Birthday except when we were about to eat birthday cake and when we were at the water park. It's amazing to me that you're three. That we made it this far and how it feels like taking a deep breath when thinking about the new you and the three year old you. Whew!

You're talking all.the.time. It's constant. And if you don't have anything to say in particular you will say: "Mommy? Mommy? Mommy? Mommy?" over and over and over and over again. I just you're keeping the line open - just in case something pops into your head that needs sharing. This is classic Del: "Daddy, do we go to the goshe-eh-ree st-oah?" Daddy responds while right next to Mommy ... then you say: "Mommy, I say to Dada 'Daddy, do we go to the goshe-eh-ree sto-oah?' and he say 'yes, we is going wight now-ah'". We talk about your day, we talk about the sun in your eyes in the car, we talk about our friends, our family, our farm ... We (meaning mostly "you") talk non stop. And I'm not surprised. Not really. I always thought this is the way it would be when there was pretty much constant noise all along - just now you can talk. Oh, and the fact that there's a certain female parent who also has a reputation for constant chatter.

You are using words with Noah and he's starting to listen. It's so rewarding for all of us that you finally have the patience and words to articulate your wants and for Noah to have the patience and compassion to figure out a way to make it all work for everyone. You are perfecting your growl and breathe fire like a dragon on demand - so you and Noah are having a whole bunch of fun fighting bad guys - much to your mother's chagrin.

You love your babies. You told me at after returning home after a full day at playgroup and finding one of your babies that she was sad because we didn't take her with us to playgroup. The truth is: we never take your babies anywhere with us. Sometimes you get one bundled up (your words) and ready to go out the door but decide to leave said baby behind at the last minute. And I haven't figured it out for sure but I'm almost positive that you don't consider yourself the mommy of these babies - your momma is naturally their momma too.

On the way to the water park on your actual birthday I asked if you wanted to hear about the day you were born. You did. It's complicated because it involves a long pre-labor and then "real" labor and then deciding to go to the hospital (which is something I hope you can avoid) and then ... well, we didn't get any further in the story because you and Noah broke out in discussion over whose belly you grew in. You insisted that babies can grow in Mommy or Daddy bellies and you grew in Daddy's. Noah insisted that only Mommy's can grow babies in their bellies.

This happens when we're reading a story too - we hear: "ummm, Mom, ummm..." half way through just about every page. Sometimes it has to do with the story. Sometimes it has to do with what you want to do next. Sometimes it has to do with the last time you went potty. You never know.

You've become more concerned with your "stuff" and your place in the world. If you need to leave something behind or a spot that you want to come back to you'll say: "Mama, don't take my spot ... Noah, don't take my spot ... Daddy, don't take my spot" - even when it's something the other person has zero interest in. Entertaining, yes.

And you also seem to have suddenly discovered the magic we call: "winding up your brother". I often find myself "taking your side" when you and Noah are in a confrontation. Often this is justified, but less so now that you're older and able to explain your needs/wants and Noah can understand them. I'm noticing though that when the argument is settled and you are happy with the outcome and Noah isn't - you'll restate whatever upsetting conclusion has been drawn to Noah - over, and over, and over again - to wind him up! You!

You're still the snuggle girl who'd prefer to be carried down the stairs first thing in the morning but insists on walking "by myself" across parking lots and up concrete stairs. While you've been working on explaining yourself in a way that can be understood you've also been open to others explanations. Sometimes the explanation that works for you surprises me - like when: "because it's cold" works better than: "because it's night time" - there's no way to tell which explanation will click for you. I'm often chuckling (internally) at what finally convinces you to go along with whatever it is I need you to go along with!

We're making all sorts of preparations for our upcoming move. When it's time to write your letter next month we'll have been at our new house for four days (that letter may be a bit late ;) ). Kind of crazy to think that our farm life has really started for real and is going to get even more farm-y very very soon. Can't wait for us to be on this ride together!
Love you Big Girl,

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