Monday, March 21, 2011

Kid Speak

Farm Girl: Noooooooo means No

Ark Boy (disappointed tone of voice): Poobah can't curl his tongue or do fish face .... but there are some other things he can do

Farm Girl: I'm going to give it to me ... Haha! I say I going to give it to me. That funny.

Mommy: ... no offense ...
Farm Girl: Noah Fence? Noah Fence? What you mean, 'Noah Fence'?

Farm Girl: And he's a good man
- speaking of Uncle Josh

Parent of another preschooler: Ark Boy, what's the best thing about your mom?
Ark Boy: She's warm in the morning

Farm Girl: I don't want your Ark-Boy-blood on me

Ark Boy (upon encountering a table cloth): What is this?!? ... We put food on it ... like Thanksgiving.

Mama: I love you Farm, Girl
Farm Girl: I love you, Mama ... Nina love me too, I love her, I love Ark Boy too but sometime he don't love me and I love him all by myself!

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